Factory installations and repairs

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Factory installations and repairs

Another visit to IKO roofing felt factory in Wigan. They had a problem with a section of 3 horn tannoy speakers not working which meant no gatehouse or alarm announcements could be heard in part of the production shop. We chased the cable run to find the fault where the wire had been cut. Once reconnected the system was tested and up and running again. We also serviced their 2 zone amplifiers that were covered in years of dust. Removed from their housings and cleaned out with an airblower and soft paint brush. Reassembled and put and and tested.

The next part of the job was to install a paging system for 2 spearate zones in the production shop so the machine operators could use there talk microphone system to call an electrician from the engineering shop and be heard out of a pair of TOA tannoy speakers. For this we had to run nearly 200M of cable from the production shop to the engineering shop using a cherry picker and fastening to cable trays and beams. We put up 2 speakers in the engineering shop both connected up to their seperate zones.

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