On the 3 page links we show you examples of Sound and Lighting equipment rentals available from ACE PA ltd

First page link various PA systems available for hire. We have a large Logic Systems Ethos Line Array used mainly for outdoor festival work or large indoor concert and theatre venues. This consists of 4x 2,000W 2×18″ subs. 4x 1,000W 2×15″ bass and 18x VA 2×8″ / 2×1″ tops. Two amplifier racks, one each side containing Camco Vortex V6 & V4 amplifiers with BSS processing.            On stage monitoring consists of 10x LM15 600W 15″ wedges.

For medium to large indoor events and shows we stock the HK Active Linear series. We also carry a large range of passive speakers from JBL, Electrovoice, RCF and HK Audio.

Didgital mixing consoles we use are Allen & Heath SQ7 and SQ5. Stageboxes are GX4816, AR2412, AB168 & AR804

Second page link lighting equipment for hire. We use Chauvet Intimidator LED moving heads. Equinox. LEDJ. ADJ.               Chamsys Magic Q and PC wing, QuickQ 20. PC Miniwing.

Third page link to a sample video footage