Froch & Groves Sportsmans Dinner

Sportsmans dinner at Mercure Piccadilly Hotel Manchester

We were asked to provide sound and lighting for the Froch & Groves sportsmans dinner. Main PA system was HK Linear5, LSub2000A & L5LTSA tops with 4x L5112XA speakers on stands down the sides of the room. A further 2x L5112XA were used on stage for monitoring. FOH sound was controlled by A&H SQ5 with AR2412 stage-box. Sennheiser Handheld Radio Microphones. Lighting was 10x Chauvet Intimidator spot LED. Wall wash up lighters were LEDJ Q Colour 8, 8x18W LED. Lighting control Chamsys MagicQ with PC wing.


Orrell Live Festival

Alexandra O'Neal

Provide sound equipment at Orrell Live for headlining act Alexandra O'Neal. Main PA Logic Systems Ethos 12x VA tops, 4x 2x18 SB2 Subs, 2x 2x15 B2 Bass Bins. 2x Camco Vortex amp racks with BSS processors. On stage 12 monitor mixes with HK Linear5 drum fill and HK Linear5 Side fills. Front of house desk A&H SQ6. Monitor desk A&H SQ5. 2 Cat5 reels to stage linking desks and one to AR2412 and AB168 stage-boxes total of 40 inputs and 12 mix outs plus L&R. Radio microphones Sennheiser G3 Ch38 EW300 series. IEM systems Sennheiser EW300. Sennheiser Antenna paddle distribution. ASL talkback.


Manchester Pride LGBT Festival 2019

Logic Systems Ethos Line Array

We were asked to provide PA systems for the BBC3 Ru Paul Drag Race Float and AJ Bell Float at this years Manchester Pride. For each PA system we used Logic Systems Ethos Line-Array. Small mixing desk control was placed inside the truck cabin and operated ipad playback from there. The PA systems went on prior to the set build so the set design team had plenty of time to provide their magic.


Sankey Soaps 25th Anniversary Party at Bowlers Trafford Park Manchester

Logic Systems Ethos Line Array

Providing hire of Logic systems Line Array PA. In conjuction with Mainline Audio they asked us to supply extra cabinets and amp racks to add to there own stock. We helped rig the system on the day. Hang of 6x VA tops per side. 2x B2 2x15 Bass sat under each hang. An equal spacing of 9x SB2 2x18 Subs along the front. With a further centre fill of 4x B2 & 4x VA tops. All the system was time aligned and sounded awesome. Perfect for a night of DJ's


T'Pau at Rainford Picnic in the Park Festival

Sound Equipment Hire

Providing Logic systems Line Array PA for this years Picnic In The Park. Allen & Heath SQ6 at FOH and SQ5 on stage monitors. Monitors were HK Audio Linear 5 series L5-112XA. Sennheiser Radio Microphones with antenna distribution. T'Pau also required 3x Sennheiser IEM radio systems.


Manchester Jazz Festival

PA Hire

Providing PA equipment and engineering for Manchester Jazz Festival. Every year the Jazz Festival team holds a series of gigs and concerts around Manchester. We have been providing equipment to them for over the past 12 years or more. HK Premium Pro & QSC amplifiers. HK Linear5 series. Allen & Heath 16ch Mix wizard. A&H SQ5. Sennhieser radio microphones and Shure/Sennheiser vocal and instrument mic's.


Stockport Rugby Club

Fireworks PA & stage lighting

We provided sound and lights for the main stage at the Bramhall Firework displays on bonfire night. On the stage they had a band and a girl vocalist to entertain the crowds untill the main Fireworks let off.


Sportsmans Dinner

PA & Lighting hire

We were asked to provide a small PA for up to 300 people for a sportsmans dinner with Sir Geoff Hurst. We used HK15 speakers on stands. We floor lit with LED cans to bounce and reflect the light off the ceiling. Sennheiser Handhled Radio microphones


Award Ceremony

Sound & Lighting Equipment Hire

ACE PA were asked to supply the sound system for an awards ceremony. We choose to use the long throw HK Audio Linear 5 LTS system side of stage with periferral HK speakers on stands for the delay fills. Allen & Heath GLD80 mixing desk. ASL com system. We also provided stage lighting for the lecterns and the band.


Stax Of Soul

PA & Lighting Hire

Supplying PA & Lighting for the Stax of Soul show at the Printworks Manchester. HK Linear 5 PA system. A&H SQ5 mixing Desk.


Pinked Floyd at City Airport Manchester

Sound & Lighting Hire

City Airport have a few outdoor events on over the year. We have provided sound and lights for concerts and Firework displays. On this particular occassion we were supplying PA & Lighting for the tribute band Pinked Floyd. The outdoor audience size was around 500. We used 8K of HK Audio Linear 5 LTSA (long throw system) In line array performance with one top cab on top of each other with the HF coupling. Monitors were HK15's and Linear 5 112XA.


Whiskey Shivers

PA & Lighting hire

Whiskey Shivers are from Austin Texas and were over in the UK on a mini summer tour. We were asked to provide the PA and lighting for there Northwest show. PA system HK Audio Linear 5



Sound Equipment Hire

Five the 90's boy band were headlining 2 of this years festivals that we have provided sound equipment for. Logic Systems Ethos Line Array. Allen & Heath SQ6 & SQ5 Mixing desks. Sennheiser handheld radio mic's and IEM systems were supplied


G Festival

PA & Lighting Hire

Georgia's Children of The World Festival is always the first festival of the year in our calender. For this we provide the Logic System Line-array, full stage monitoring and LED intelligent moving lights and washes. Allen & Heath SQ6 Mixing desk. Sennhesier Radio Microphones


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